What to Wear Wednesday: Techicolor Dream Blouse.


It’s Wednesday…and my energy this whole week has been feeling off and out of sorts. So I thought back to a happier time…

*Dream sequence vision thing*


A few weeks ago my significant other and I decided we wanted to go shopping, and where do people go shopping when they want variety in Minnesota? MOA. The epitome of capitalist glitz and glam. Honestly, I should not even be shopping at the MOA, because it stands for everything I stand against..but I be shopping. Anyway, we took the journey out there. Stopped at many well-known places. I would pick something up, look at the price tag, and try not to throw it on the ground stomp on the item, spit on it, yell anarchy and walk the fuck out. Clothing is so overpriced these days and what is particularly wild is the fact that the current trend is “poverty.” Rich family hipsters love looking like the grew up on syrup sandwiches now. Holes in clothes, oversized, etc. I remember at one point in my life having holes in my clothes…made by having them for too long and not being able to afford new ones. Not cause it was lit or dope!

We left the mall with nothing and felt kind of foolish because if we wanted good quality clothing, reasonable prices, and the newest trends we could have just picked up a cell phone and made an appointment with 10 Thrift.  First of all this store is owned by people of color, that matter’s to me. Secondly, you don’t get cheap shit. Thirdly, they are somewhat of Minneapolis marketing moguls. Everyone is trying to get on their Instagram boomerang as well (THIS IS A HINT IF YALL READ MY BLOG. REQUEST FROM BAE AND I 🙂 )

When we arrived at 10 Thrift we looked around and something caught my eye. This vintage technicolor piece that would look perfect under a black blazer and would brighten up my wardrobe. I snatched the blouse up so damn quick!


For this post, I only wanted to focus on the blouse. So I wore shorts and my Target flats. This is the type of shirt for the quirky office clown or the vintage loving trendsetter. I love it because it gives my outfit an extra SMACK, but I would probably prefer to wear this with all black and a blazer….except for the shoes. I might add a little bit of crazy just for the show-stopping effect.







I think I was most attracted to this 10 Thrift item, because it spoke to a part of me I try to hide. More of the silly clown like part of myself. When I was a kid I was always trying to make my sisters laugh and smile…As an adult I have become more serious and almost reserved at times. This is an ode to childlike me, saying live life, but don’t forget to have a circus party.



Photos taken by Jerad Christopher.



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