What to Wear Wednesday: Candy Girl

What to Wear Wednesday: Candy Girl

Want to call all the boys to the yard? Pig tails will do it, what you do with them once they are there is up to you. I love playing up my cute, sexy, young side. And I love ice cream candy! I think it’s important for women to own who they are and what they look like. At times I have been ashamed or irritated, because of how young I look. I often get mistaken for 20 and even younger at times.. I’m a good amount older than 20. I’ve now decided to own it and find strength and power in the fact that “Black don’t crack.”  Being a powerful woman and being of feminity has its ups and downs, but sometimes I enjoy playing up to the ups. I choose to wear a crop top and skinny jeans for this look.

Photo by: Jerad Christopher



Shop the look:

Pink Crop

The pink crop top has been discontinued! (Which is the worst) the brand Foreign Exchange went out of business last year and that just about broke my heart. I went shopping too many times at their Minneapolis location in MOA, but sometimes good things come to an end. You can buy a similar crop at Forever 21



Black Skinny Jeans

I got my black skinny jeans and Express. I love how Express jeans fit and I always recommend splurging on good jeans that hug your waist and curves.



Hair can make or break an outfit. For this pigtail look I use Cantu leave-in Conditioner, Cantu Curling Cream, and ECO hair gel, those three products are actually my staple items. First I take a shower and use sulfate free conditioners and shampoo. Once I get out of the shower I rub the curling cream and Cantu leave-in conditioner on my palms and add it to my hair while wet. I then add ECO hair gel and wet my hair again if I see any clumping areas.


Photography Credit:

Jerad Christopher. You can find more of his work on instagram at: @jerad.christopher







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