What to Wear Wednesday: California Love.

What to Wear Wednesday: California Love.


Back from a hiatus due to working hard for a dream that was not my own.


Earlier this year Jerad and I arrived in San Diego Calfornia, definitely was a needed break from the worst Minnesnowta I’ve ever seen. Aside from eating, our favorite past time, I ran to TJ MAXX and curated an outfit in a hurry. TJ MAXX was the only store for miles where we were, but if black women know how to do one thing (we can do several) it makes it work!


Complimentary colors, yellow and blue, are my sh**! Yellow always fits with my skin tone and blue is alright when you pair it with yellow. If you want to exude grace and confidence, I would say try out some complimentary color outfits.


As the sun begins to shine and we get our little taste of California love here, don’t bask in it, GLOW in it. We are currently at a time where the world is becoming more selfish and cutthroat, but people can and will mask this under whatever the current trend is: Whether it’s women’s rights, black rights, etc. As the sun comes out you will find many snakes in your garden, they will tell you lies and try to choke the light out of you. Resist, persist, and bask in your own glow. If this is your first time here know that this is not just a fashion blog. This is straight up honesty and real hour at all times. Please nurture and guard your garden. Wear a cute complimentary outfit while you sow them seeds.


Photo Credit: Jerad Christopher Photography.




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