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Neil deGrasse Tyson and #Metoo: Why No One Believed the First Surivior.

Neil deGrasse Tyson and #Metoo: Why No One Believed the First Survivor.

Answer, She was a black woman.

Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist, author, and science speaker, is under an investigation conducted by COSMOS (a series backed by FOX and National Geography) for sexual assault. Two women RECENTLY came forward and shared their disturbing encounters with Neil deGrasse Tyson.

I believe survivors so I believe these women, but the issue I am presenting here is that the first victim of sexual assault and further rape came out against Neil deGrasse Tyson in 2014! Healer and Musician, Tchiya Amet, told her story on her blog: Neil deGrasse Tyson, slipped her pills and raped her in the 1980s. This incident was completely swept under the rug.

Besides the timeline of these incidences, the only difference between Tchiya Amet and the other two victims is one thing, she is a black woman.

Now some will argue for the point of the timeline. The two white victims assaults were more recent, and in that case, I can direct you to even more evidence that this is a racial bias issue; Ford VS Kavanaugh 

All of this is Crazy timing, On November 27th, only a few days ago, I posted a photo and caption about the silencing of black women during the #metoo movements and whoop here it is! Another case some more bs! Also, women on Facebook shared this Broadly article: White Women Less Likely to Help Sexual Assault Victim If She’s Black

@thebrettina Black Women Matter. The reason “too” is there: a shout out to the movement we created known as the #metoo movement. The movement where women of color were, and/are silenced.  The ellipsis represents that silence. After this year I know I refuse to be silenced in the women’s movement and black lives matter movement. And I’d love to build with more WOC! Are you down with the solidarity?
Photographer: @iam.lamar.ballinger
My cousin @leeyahbenel drew the ✊.
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Even when the proof and the tea is laid out, many will still search the earth for a way to dispute this. The truth is the truth, and the truth is; Women of color are swept under the rug when it comes to sexual assault (emphasis on black women), we are more likely to suffer alone when sexually assaulted, and even when it is clear that we are about to be sexually assaulted there is no help.

Currently, Tchiya Amet is tweeting about the event and tweeted an article about Misty Upham, who was raped and died a year later. How many more black women are going to suffer in silence…no matter how loud they scream?

Sexual Assault is not a fucking joke, it’s not a fucking game, and it affects all of us women. To the women of color reading this I say we take a stand in solidarity with each other and protect ourselves. Buy each other mase for Christmas, check in on each other, make sure your girl gets home safely, take self-defense classes together, be a voice, be a listener, share our experiences.

I’m not going to mention the above person’s name again…I’ve already mentioned him too many times. But I will say Tchiya Amet…I hope you are healing.


We are stronger together. From a survivor to other survivors..solidarity.





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