What to Wear Wednesday: Floral is Everything

What to Wear Wednesday: Floral is Everything


It’s funny, one of my best friends said:

“Brettina, you never wear floral print”, which was a true statement at the time. I historically have always had a more grunge or rock approach to my own personal style. A few months ago parts of that changed with the trending floral on everything. What can I say? I’m as much of a slave to trends as the rest of society, when something is thrown in your face enough you start to think about it until you just say “F*** it” and buy that item.

Well, I haven’t boughten any floral print items yet, but I did model a few for One Posh Closet, a store I mentioned a few months ago.

Floral Print Boomer Jacket

Because, we as a society, collectively decided that late 80’s and 90’s are “in”, why not add a floral print boomer jacket to your wardrobe? Basically, you can dress up or dress down any outfit with this piece of clothing. If I were you I would get on it for these chilly summer nights, this trend will die with fall approaching.











Floral Print Dress


Appropriation is a b****, but it’s a thing. This dress is made from silk blend fabric and is perfect for events. I absolutely loved the way it fit. Floral dresses are in this summer.




Get the Look

This whole outfit is from One Posh Closet.

Photography: Hayley  Huotari

Get a Similar Look

Boomer Jacket



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