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What to Wear Wednesday: 90s Kids

What to Wear Wednesday: 90s Kids


Fashion is ever changing, but if we can learn anything from our past it is what our future looks like. History repeat’s itself constantly. We are currently in a more 60’s era when it comes to race tension, hair, and social climate, but as far as style goes the 90’s are back. All over the world, we are seeing a mix of grunge and hip hop inspired couture. I love to talk about Nirvana when I speak on grunge. Ripped clothes and a “f*** the system attitude” is a part of fashion I gladly welcome back. My favorites Tupac and Aaliyah, made an impact with jerseys and baggy clothes. This is a trend I hope stays for a while. As a woman living in this patriarchy I appreciate wearing clothes that are more of a “man’s” fit, not trying to gender clothing…you get what I mean though, It just makes me feel more powerful when I’m wearing tomboy chic vs running around in a sun dress all summer.



This is defiantly one of my favorite looks. Would you wear it?

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