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A Letter from Black Women

Models: @leeyahmiyah, @thebrettina Photographer/Editor: @iam.lamar.ballinger Creative director: @thebrettina

FROM BLACK WOMEN; What we see.
We struggle for our skin, to thrive in a system that wants us to lose not win, we fight for our power, but how come at the hour We need you, you don’t protect us? How come when we call for you we turn… and you neglected us. When a black man dies, we cry and fight.. we a black woman dies y’all can be as bad as white flight. You keep turning a blind eye to us. We get called crazy, ratchet, thot and those are lies the system brought. We need to remember how to stick together.
Malcolm X said, “the most neglected, disrespected, unprotected is the black woman.” That continues to be a trend and isn’t changing. We fought for Jamar Clark, Philando Castile, etc.. but every time one of us is either murdered or beaten by another NFL player.. we get meme jokes. We become an actual meme joke for domestic violence! How have we fallen so far from the Harlem Renaissance, Black Wall Street, etc.. when will we get back to our roots of solidarity. I hope soon. —————————————<3

Models: @morgan_n_allen, @thebrettina Photographer/Editor: @iam.lamar.ballinger Creative director: @thebrettina


FROM BLACK WOMEN: What we see.
We struggle for our reproduction, our babies suction, the ability to not go through assault so we can clearly function. However, isn’t it clever that together doesn’t mean actually together? I get to watch your struggle all the time, but to mine, you are able to turn a blind eye. I scream #metoo but nothing comes out… I don’t have a loud speaker.. like you.
This year was coined the “year of the woman #yearofthewoman,” but it was not intersectional. WOC were left out of several important conversations including the black woman started “me too” movement. The white officer who sexually assaulted over 30 women, most of color, earlier last year was highly publicized, but we never heard from the victims. I have experienced complete silencing during this movement.. this photo represents what black women see.. we are seeing the women’s struggle as a whole and accounting for all of us. Nonwomen of color who don’t suffer the same treatment only see half of the struggle, their half of the struggle. Intersectional feminism is the ONLY way we will truly win. Black women… and.. WOC… and femmes.. please continue to look forward. Even when faced with an unfair system and those who will silence always keep your head up and look forward. We are creating our own validity.

Models: @leeyahmiyah, @morgan_n_allen, @thebrettina
Photographer/Editor: @iam.lamar.ballinger
Creative director: @thebrettina

FROM BLACK WOMEN: What we feel.
Within the struggles of women and the struggles of blackness never forget the hierarchy the system has created. Black women never forget only the strongest can thrive and strive from the bottom to become the top or smash the patriarchal system entirely.

I published a snippet with the first two photos to Medium as well. This is from the perspective of A black woman; the series might not be representative of all. From countless articles, studying, and listening to the voices of my peers I can conclude its validity. First hand I come to the same conclusion. Black women have the odds static against us and it’s our time to dismantle these odds. Thank you to all who have shared my inner most thoughts.




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