Motivation Monday: Five Body Positive Quotes on Pinterest

Five Body Positive Quotes on Pinterest

Today’s motivation is Body positive and body love. Why is a woman’s body always up for discussion? I actually wish there weren’t body positive quotes…because at that point I would know people took seats and stopped inserting their opinion and judgments on others. As a woman, I am so sick of having to adhere to certain standards of societies body comfort. First I was bigger and couldn’t get almost any work in the “Minnesota Modeling Industry” and now I am skinny, but hear I should get thicker. So basically according to society I can never catch up..many of us can not.


Even the whole “body positive movement is toxic as f***” with only certain types of “fat”, skinny”, etc highlighted and overly glamorized. Anyway, I thought I would feed you some positive love, now that my negative rant has come to it’s end. Also, one photo is not a quote, but you should write your own body positive quote to the photo.


Top Ten Body Positive Quotes on Pinterest


What body do positive quote you live by? Comment below.


Solidarity beauty.



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