What to Wear Wednesday: We Wear Pink

What to Wear Wednesday: We Wear Pink

Pink is no longer just a color for the preppy girly girls. Chic black sistas wear pink too!


Trench Coat: Opitz Outlet | Dress: Missguided 

I’m getting ready for the fall with a trench jacket. I love pairing bright colors with neutrals. It’s like a little “SURPRISE, I’m NOT basic mfs.”

Get the Dress: Pink Faux Suede $22.00


Dress: Zara | Shoes: Calvin Klien | Clutch: Bearded Mermaid

Now, this is a dress I was really afraid of. Because I am thicker I am so scared of a line dresses. Magazine’s even tell you that wearing this style isn’t in a curvy woman’s best interest. Well, guess that isn’t true!

Because I look good in this a line dress. Also, the vertical stripes make me look tall. Maybe that’s why people keep telling me I look taller in photos?


There will always be some magazine that tells you that you shouldn’t wear a certain piece of clothing. There are always going to be people who classify colors with a certain type of woman. But do YOU. If you love pink wear the fuck out of pink. If you want to wear a line..just don’t wear a bra! That way the fabric does not push the A-line dress out. Or do whatever. It’s your life. Don’t be constrained by fashion and society…constraint becomes mediocracy and you are FAR from that.



Photographer: Bob Suh


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