Eve Was Framed

Eve was framed.

Framed by the man who loved her

She thought she knew what love was, as she stood naked in front of him in the garden of Eden

Their black skin shining in the sunlight.

But he begged her “If you love me try the fruit first, let me know how sweet it’s nectar tastes”

“But God told us this is forbidden…It’s the one thing we can’t have” she replied.

“It will just be one little bite.”

The snake slithered over their feet to the tree.

Eve picked the red apple closest to her eye, looking at Adam, he stared back.

“Come on now you love me don’t you?”

She nodded

“Than take a bite.”

With that, she sank her teeth in and smiled in delight.

“Alright,” he gleamed, “My turn.”

And when the lord caught them Adam was the first to point to Eve and you know the rest of the story.




I am a Christian and this is my rendition of what happened in the Garden of Eve. The strongest women have fallen prey to the love of a man. I wanted to show black women in love..and vulnerable in this piece. To0 often we are treated as the stereotype of the angry black women. So often this story in its biblical form has been used to show why women should be subservient because we are inherently tempting men into evil….but maybe sometimes they are tempting us. This is all I will say about the piece. You can take it or leave it as you found it.

In the year of the woman, we must stand together, stand tall, and never be tempted by neglecting love.

A special Thank you to:

Models: : Odur, Neosha, Akosua, Janessa, Jasmine

Photographer: Jerad Christopher


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