What 10 People Would Tell Their Younger Self

As we get older we learn new information, manifest new dreams, and lead lives we never thought were possible. Even if you are where you want to be in life, or are not  somewhere along the way you changed whether it was a hard growth or an easy growth you should always be thankful for the path you ended up walking on, but we all can’t help thinking:

“I wish I would have known this when I was younger.”

This post is meant to show similarities and differences in the human experience and in hopes that a teenager might stumble upon this and take the advice from the 10 lovely folks below.


What 10 People Would Tell Their Younger Self

“The time will pass away – do something now that will benefit you in 10 years” -Naomi


“Recognize that the choices you make.. make you. Change is inevitable but invests now in your creativity while you live at home and have modest responsibilities. Tell the truth all the time and stand up for yourself. You come first and nothing lasts forever.” – Olivia


” Make sure the person you choose is not only the best you ever had but also the best you could EVER have as well.” – Edward 


“Don’t say no. Ever. It is easy to say no, I don’t want to, nah, not right now, later, maybe some other time, etc. saying no is easy, it is saying yes and following through with whatever, saying yes to, is. Too many things are missed, passed up and just not ever known by saying no. If I were to have said yes to half the things I said no to back then, maybe I’d be a totally different person, maybe I wouldn’t; maybe I would have actually enjoyed those things or maybe I wouldn’t have Coke to find out I would have been right in saying no, but that can only be found it by firstly saying yes and delving in to the unknown and by never saying no” – Jared


” I would tell my 16-year-old self to stay more focused and don’t have kids til I’m married.” -Bhris 


“I’d adopt my mantra earlier….life is change; growth is optional” – Lonni


“Worry less about what others might think and try less to fit in, working on growing comfortable in the skin you have will serve you better than aiming for average.” – Lauren


“I’d tell myself to worry less about making others happy and worry more about loving yourself. Abandon European standards of beauty. At the end of the day, you can only really count on yourself to make sure you are getting what you need and want.” – Melody


“you can either work hard the next 8 years in school or work hard the rest of your life.”- Tim


“It is ok to put off on having a committed relationship for the sake of pursuing your passion.” – Denise 




Thank you all for sharing your perspective.

Mine is “You will find true love one day, do not continue to let these men become your focus. Have faith and patience”






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